The Life of Christ in Mark: Good News Mark 1:1-8

The life of Christ in Mark: Good News! Mark 1:1-8

Life Group Questions

  1. What makes the gospel such “Good News?” What does that do, practically, in our lives when we come to really understand it?

  2. John was declaring the power of the coming Messiah (John 1:15, 27; 3:30; Acts 13:25); how does this power impact our “normal” lives during any given week? What are some ways we might tend to minimize or circumvent His power?

  3. What has the Spirit done in your life this last week? What “good” is there in looking for/seeing/anticipating the Spirit’s work in our lives? What is the ultimate goal of God’s working in our lives through the Spirit?

  4. Is there anything in particular that stood out to you from this passage?